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Canworks, Inc. Purchases State-of-the-Art Equipment with SBA 504 Loan

Canworks, Inc. uses SBA 504 Loan to finance new machines for their digital printing company.

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Canworks, Inc., a digital printing company that specializes in canned drinks, is now the first Texas company to digitally print directly on aluminum cans.

With the help of the SBA 504 Loan, Canworks, Inc. was able to finance the purchase of specialty digital printing equipment that allows for small batch orders, short lead times, the highest quality beverage cans, and no plastics. With the rise in canned beverages – alcoholic beverages, coffee, energy drinks, and water – Canworks has paved the way to meet the demand for this type of printing. These state-of-the-art machines can run 400 cans per minute – talk about efficiency!

This project will add 4 new jobs to the Austin, Texas area and will provide countless businesses a quality product. Check out these machines in action here!