Capital CDC Attends the 2012 Texas Bankers Association Convention & Exposition

May 15, 2012, Events
Tags: tba, banking partners, sba

The Texas Bankers Association’s 128th Annual Convention & Exposition was held in Fort Worth last week, to a good turnout of lenders from across the state. Capital CDC exhibited, attended, and participated in the golf event and Chairman’s dinner. Drumming up new business and staying in front of our current lenders is a priority for us. The TBA Conference is one of many events that Capital CDC attends annually to maintain a presence and glean new leads. Learn more about next year’s TBA Conference.


Nick Weynand, August, 16, 2012

So glad to see you guys at the conference!

John Johnson, August, 16, 2012

Yes, so glad you guys where there. I learned a lot!

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