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Capital CDC Hires Assero Security to Improve Information Security Controls

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Capital CDC, a leading non-profit provider of small business financing throughout Texas and New Mexico, announced today that they have been Certified and approved to ISCR (Information Security Controls Review) standard by Assero Security, a top provider of information security and security assessment services for small businesses.

Capital CDC is committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to data security with today’s growing cyber threats. “Capital CDC partnered with Assero Security over a 2-year period to develop and ensure that our company’s security controls are in-line with standards established by regulators and industry best practices,” said Thomas Braasch, Executive Director for Capital CDC. “Assero Security has helped us in developing new security policies, assessing our security controls and a secure network infrastructure, and providing security awareness training for our Capital CDC staff”.

“Cyber threats and data breach have become all too common in today’s world,” said Matt Malone, President of Assero Security. “The federal government OPM department is just the most recent victim of data breach, so this is an ongoing issue that should be very concerning for smaller businesses with limited knowledge in information security. Our core mission is to reduce company risk and increase awareness with all of our customers at an affordable rate. Our aim is to help reduced the red tape surrounding compliance for small companies, and provide good security that is more likely to be achieved through awareness and realistic effective policies.”

Capital CDC’s security policies and procedures have been audited – a process that includes a comprehensive network scan to check for vulnerabilities. The audit results outlined the health of the security infrastructure, provided suggestions for improvement to further minimize risk to the organization, while also serving as a baseline for implementing new security policies and security awareness training.
“We selected Assero Security because of their expertise in information security,” said Braasch. “We were pleased that Assero Security verified our high standards for information security in protecting our clients’ information.”

Capital CDC is proud to announce that they have passed this information security ISCR audit.

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