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Keep it Clear and Simple

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The message is simple. Or so it should be. As an expert of their small business, entrepreneurs immerse themselves in the jargon and detailed ins and outs of their daily profession. Passion and details are important to running the business, but can overwhelm those unfamiliar with the product or service, leaving the customer wading through details and meaningless acronymns to find what they're looking for - simplicity. Consider this...when you visit a website, how long do you stay on that site and read about the company or product before you either understand it and continue clicking or get lost in the details and search elsewhere? Research shows that most web visitors stay above the fold, clicking off the page within mere seconds. The same theory can be applied to conversation, marketing materials, and presentations.

If a customer has to wade through details and unfamiliar jargon, they get lost, get frustrated, and move on. Business is lost. However, if the message is clear, concise, and simple, frustration is absent from the equation and a customer is gained. Being an expert in your field means nothing if you have no one to share your experience with - your customers. Keep your message simple and the customers will keep coming back for more. This applies to sales pitches, website messaging, print collateral, and advertising. If a stranger to your business cannot determine what your company does within 10 seconds of reading your materials or listening to you speak, your message is too convoluted. Keep it simple and your customer won't walk away feeling confused.