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Mid-Year Recognition

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Each year at our Annual Meeting + Lender’s Conference, our top lending institutions and lenders are recognized based on the number of loans they partnered with Capital CDC to finance during the prior year. Almost six months into the fiscal year and we take a look at our numbers to give recognition where it is deserved.

With 37 loans, totaling $29.1 million in 504 funds, we congratulate the top lending institutions thus far. Those institutions include JPMorgan Chase (4 loans), American Bank, Independent Bank, OMNIBANK, Randolph Brooks FCU, Schertz Bank, Southwest Bank, Vista Bank, and Wells Fargo (all with 2 loans each). Leading the charge for lenders partnering with Capital CDC, we congratulate Alexis Michael, Kenan Pankau, Mike Doss, and Paul Reade – all with 2 loans under their belt in 2013.

While we congratulate and recognize these individuals and institutions, we also appreciate everyone that has partnered with us to finance small businesses throughout Texas. Each loan that is financed through the SBA 504 Loan Program is another successful start for an entrepreneur. That is our goal and focus at Capital CDC. We love partnering with our seasoned 504 lenders, as well as green lenders that are interested in partnering on their first 504 loan. At the end of the day, the focus is on growing small businesses and helping the economy thrive through these entrepreneurial efforts.

If you are one of our seasoned lenders that have stuck by us through the years, we say thank you for your partnership! We will continue to recognize those top lenders on an ongoing basis, with the recognition culminating at our Annual Meeting celebration. If you are a new lender interested in growing your 504 portfolio, let us know how we can help!

Congratulations, again, to our top lending institutions and lenders of the first half of fiscal year 2013! Your efforts and your continued support are greatly appreciated.