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Picoso's Mexican Kitchen Opens New Restaurant in Lubbock with SBA 504 Financing

Picoso's Mexican Kitchen used the SBA 504 Loan to open a new restaurant facility with patio space and all the required equipment necessary of running a restaurant.

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With the help of the SBA 504 Loan Program, husband and wife duo Jeremy and Heather Waller were able to finance the purchase of land, the construction of an 8,100 SF restaurant facility plus 3,600 SF of patio space, and all the required equipment necessary of running a restaurant, and opened Picoso’s Mexican Kitchen in Lubbock, Texas.

No strangers to running a successful restaurant, Jeremy and Heather have owned and operated Leal’s Mexican Restaurant in Plainview, Texas, as well as The Fieldhouse Sandwich Shop. Picoso’s Mexican Kitchen was their first ground-up project in Lubbock and opened in 2018. They proudly serve their friends and Lubbock community and take care of those close to them – not just with the food they provide.

Not only did this project bring 50 jobs to the Lubbock community, Jeremy and Heather Waller continue to go above and beyond to care for their staff. The Waller’s have made it their mission to offer training to their employees – not just on-the-job training, but training on finances, emotional intelligence, and mental health. They invest in others, and you can tell that it goes a long way.

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