Safety Netting Your Small Business

April 30, 2013

Starting a new business can be daunting and risky - even in a good economy.  To say that today's economy is not good might be an understatement. There are ways to mitigate that risk and still become a small business owner via the safety net of a franchise.  Franchising with the 504 is not only possible, it is common and simple.  A franchise already has the existing rapport and brand awareness that new businesses struggle to attain over years of existence.  Brand awareness is the driving market force behind consumer loyalty. A well-established brand that has existed in the marketplace for sometime alleviates the shakiness of creating and building a green brand.  Not only does the existing brand awareness drive instant business to a newly franchised location, but it allows the small business owner to lean on the experience of the brand and focus their attention elsewhere, thereby setting the stage for a more successful business.

Financing a franchise with a 504 Loan can cut down on the paperwork required of the entrepreneur.  To find out if a franchise has previously been financed using a SBA loan, search the Franchise Registry.  Have questions on how to get started?  Contact us. For more information on starting a franchise, check out Chris Hurn's post in the Huffington Post. 

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