T-Top Manufacturing

T-Top Manufacturing expanded their business in 2012 from Chico, Texas into Bridgeport, Texas.  The aluminum and steel manufacturer outgrew their location in Chico, Texas, and the City of Bridgeport was all too happy to have them expand into a new facility within their small town.  The Bridgeport Economic Development Council offered economic development incentives that provided the land to the borrower, therefore covering the equity costs for the owners, under the determination that the construction and operation of the new manufacturing facility will result in substantial economic benefit and job creation for the City of Bridgeport. 

The company’s services include shearing, CDC turret punching, automatic sawing, aluminum and stainless steel welding, assembly bending, forming, and polishing.   T-Top’s products include the stainless steel boxes that house the electronic components for the well units in the drilling industry, the air conditioning housing for school buses, the piping units for tanker trucks that transport liquid materials, and platforms for jet walkways at airports. 

Competition in this industry is limited, but even so, the company is thriving and performing very well. Visit T-Top Manufacturing's website here.

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