Our Staff

Capital CDC hires knowledgeable industry experts to professionally assist commercial loan applicants and lending partners through the application, underwriting, approval, closing, and funding processes, as smoothly and confidently as possible. Once our regional team of seasoned Business Development Officers hands off the loan to our Underwriting department, the entire process is handled from our headquarter office in Austin, Texas.

department name title email
Administration Thomas Braasch Executive Director [email protected]
Administration Paula Dean Director of Finance and Administration [email protected]
Administration Allyssa Strickland Staff Accountant [email protected]
Administration Linda Holmes Office Coordinator [email protected]
Business Development Harry Leach Regional Manager - Houston [email protected]
Business Development Amy Joseph Regional Manager - Central Texas [email protected]
Business Development Cheryl Pyle Business Development Officer - San Antonio/South Texas [email protected]
Business Development Frank Grigsby Business Development Officer - Dallas/Fort Worth [email protected]
Business Development Jason Bigham Sr. Business Development Officer - West Texas [email protected]
Business Development Lorena Chavez Sr. Business Development Officer - New Mexico [email protected]
Business Development Lee Lightfoot Associate Business Development Officer [email protected]
Business Development Adam Parker Associate Business Development Offcer [email protected]
Credit Department Matt McCollum Credit Manager [email protected]
Credit Department Ruckmani Ramachandran Credit Analyst [email protected]
Credit Department Jarrod Koopmann Credit Analyst [email protected]
Credit Department Kevin Yancey Credit Analyst [email protected]
Credit Department Ashley Cox Credit Analyst [email protected]
Closing Department Julie Spaulding Closing Manager [email protected]
Closing Department Carla Conticelli Loan Closer [email protected]
Closing Department Vincent Whitenight Loan Closer [email protected]
Closing Department Kerri Scott Loan Closer [email protected]
Closing Department Becky Lofton Loan Coordinator [email protected]
Servicing Department Aaron Milligan Portfolio Manager [email protected]
Servicing Department Rebekah Small Sr. Portfolio Servicing Specialist [email protected]
Servicing Department Daniella Sanchez Portfolio Servicing Specialist [email protected]
Servicing Department Amber Flanagan Servicing Action Specialist [email protected]
Servicing Department Jisselle Martinez Portfolio Servicing Financial Analyst [email protected]
Marketing Department Kelly Bauman Marketing & IT Systems Manager [email protected]