Reinvigorate Your Small Business

Every business falls into a slump or gets stuck in a rut. Ups and downs are just a part of how companies, people, and the economy work. And a slump isn't the end of the world. Once they start, they're not entirely out of your control. In fact, slumps can provide owners with much needed motivation to make major changes. Here are some suggestions on how you can reinvigorate your small business:

•Reorganize: Sometimes it's the mundane tasks that bog you down the most. It never hurts to find more efficient and effective ways to organize your staff and business structure. For Clemans, that meant shifting accounting responsibilities to his wife, who quickly streamlined the company's finances, which allowed Clemans to focus on the creative side of the business.

•Change location: A change in location could improve your visibility and access to customers. Sometimes it's just a move down the block where there is more foot traffic. Other times, it means a move to a new city. Make sure you clearly understand potential risks and rewards before making such a big decision; relocating can be prohibitively expensive.

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